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Get Advice from Qualified Physios

  • Do you have any health issue in which physio can help just feel free to ask us.
  • The method of treating diseases, injuries and deformities through physical therapy rather than prescribing drugs is the work of a physiotherapist.
  • Physiotherapist Heals by Physical Agents like Heat, Cold, Therapeutic Current and Waves and Restores the mobility by increasing Range of Motion and Muscular Strength.
  • If one suffers from chronic pain which makes daily activities difficult, one should consult a physiotherapist.
  • If there is Lack of Muscular Strength Due to any Reason, Chronic Pain, Neural Deficit or Disuse Etc. Physiotherapist is needed.
  • If there is a pain of Neuro muscular origin Physiotherapist is needed.
  • In sports injury or any soft tissue injury Physiotherapist is needed.
  • A physiotherapist can aid in the recovery from an injury, pain or muscular stiffness.
  • Physiotherapist can help to Recover Faster after injury, From Paralysis, and joint Stiffness.
  • Physiotherapist knows the biomechanics of movement and the Role of Neural system in Movement and can fix the issues of movement.
  • Physiotherapist can help to prevent Various Pain because of Faulty lifestyle, Work Related or due to bad Posture.

Physios can manage their practice

  • Physios can Schedule their patients.
  • Add details of patients and you are ready to fill the forms of assessment, problem list, Aim of physiotherapy, prescription, home advice.
  • Date wise entry of record.
  • Once you are done with entries, the records are ready in PDF format. Either you can mail it to the patients or referring Doctors email I’d and even print it.
  • You can keep daily records information.
  • You can manage your stock, enquires, referral and communicate with them through email and SMS.
  • You can generate invoice or bills to your patients with ease.
  • Soon your profile will live in our search physio option and patient can search and contact you directly.

There is better way to Get Physiotherapy Suggestions

Online suggestions from Qualified and Verified Physios.

Place your Query, Physio will respond with Explanation.

Know about your Condition and how far Physiotherapy will help you.

Chance to get Second Opinion for Physiotherapy treatment.

Search Engine will help to get Physio Nearby.

While asking Query please give maximum detail to get better response.