About us

Physiodesk started with a vision to provide a platform for Physiotherapist to manage their Practice and can help as many as patient through clinic and also online as in present world of information and technology it is now easier to share information, maintain proper records, easier communication, managing resources Etc.

Keeping this vision in mind Physiodesk.com is live which will help in maintaining patient’s record in electronic format or can share it through email can communicate with patients and other medical professionals.

Physiodesk will be useful for the people who are looking for physiotherapy treatment nearby and Physiodesk will provide guidance for the use of physiotherapy in various conditions.

Physio Team

  • Anubha Singhai
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  • Monalisa Vadi
    Picture of Ashuvendra Singh
  • Anant Singh
    Picture Anant Singh
  • Abhinav Sathe
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  • Saroj Singh
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  • Silky Masih
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Tech Team

  • Ashish Shrivastava
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  • Kuldeep Singh
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  • Sanjeev Viswakarma
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  • Pratiksha
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  • Praveen Kumar
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  • Kirti Soni
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